How often in the midst of life’s events do we say to ourselves, “This isn’t helping!”

We cut our finger while doing dishes and it only adds to the stress we were feeling in the moment.

We lose our keys while having a tough day.

Our lover is distracted, unavailable to listen actively or to provide a needed cuddle.

We get into a fender bender on the way to an important business meeting. Or a flat tire on the way to pick up our kids. 

Well, attitude is everything. And rather than reaffirm, “This isn’t helping,” perhaps we can ask “How is this helping?” Because God is ALWAYS helping. It’s all the Creator knows how to do. That’s all He does all day all the time. He helps us. He helps everything. Grow, learn, evolve, develop, live, love, blossom. 

Nothing that comes from the Divine is unhelpful.

So, the next time we catch ourselves asserting, “This isn’t helping.” Just ask for help by inquiring “How does this help?”

And know in your heart that help is on the way. In fact, it’s already arrived. 

If you need another helping, then just ask for one. It’s not a single serving universe. There’s always room for seconds.