It’s a cycle. Never ending. We are in a constant state of wounding ourselves from one source or another–emotional, physical–and then healing ourselves. Again and again.

Hurting and healing. It’s the cycle of life. We are in a perpetual state of repair, of maintenance, of growth of recovery — that’s our cycle of life.

From neglect to nurture. From unloved to love. From absent-minded to whole-hearted.

We are never done. Until we are. And then we don’t need a body any longer. It goes on until we expire. Until then it’s a state of refreshing that which spoils. Replenishing the shelves. Extending our shelf life.

We are in a constant state of being born or dying. Of hurting and healing. Of ascension or decadence. Of creation or destruction.

Just like the Universe. Welcome. Jump on in. The bathwater’s luke. On its way to cool. And will soon run cold. But it can always–and will–be heated up again. Once we add some flames to the fire. Some coals to the blaze. Stoke the ashes from which the Phoenix has just arisen.

Be patient with this magical creature—with you, me, the Phoenix. Give it just a sec. It was ashes only moments ago. It’s just getting warmed up.

© TW HAWK 2017