How can one not feel the presence of God standing amongst these giants?

A redwood seed doesn’t think it’s just a seed — it knows it’s a redwood! So from one small seed grows something that will last a millennium.

Are you living to your potential?

You already know who and what you are — the greatest version of what you can be. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are just a tiny seed. You are a redwood or an oak in all of its might and magnitude.

Like the seed that gives rise to the conifer — the pine or sequoia — so, too, can the seeds of potentiality within you give rise to something as robust and ever-lasting.

If the seed was discouraged from becoming its greatest self, what a waste of its potential gift to the world. Which is why it is not our right to discourage the potential of others, but to nurture their greatness since that gives rise to a gift we share in — that the world shares in.

We all benefit from encouragement. Everyone. Everything. All That Is. It tells the Universe to grow, grow, grow. And in that expansion, we are expanded. In that burgeoning, so too are we augmented. And the bounty of our experience increases manifold.