What exactly is the “human condition?” Being human isn’t a condition that can be ameliorated with a salve. It’s not a temporary state of being, at least while on this planet, anyway. It’s permanent (for now).

And being human isn’t conditional. It’s not predicated on anything. You don’t need to qualify for it. There is no credit check. No application process. If you’re reading this, you are it. Pre-conditions have been satisfied. You are human.

Welcome to the club — you’re pre-approved. Membership has its privileges. Being human is a state of being. It’s something to embrace, to celebrate and to come to terms with. You did ask to be here. You came into this time and place for a reason knowing full well what you were getting yourself into. Your soul knows why and what you are here to accomplish. And the way you can accomplish anything and everything, the true source expression of it all, is love.

So radiate love, be love, be in love. That’s human truth. It’s what makes us human beings. Not conditional humans. Temporary humans (even though we are). Being human is not a condition that needs to cured. It’s our regard for it, our perspective on it, that demands medical attention.

Best not to think of it as a condition. Like it’s something that you were diagnosed with and wonder how you contracted it and how you might cure it. It’s who we are. What we are. No salve will cure it. No balm will heal it, nor make it disappear or fade away or reverse its effects.

Solve your perspective, don’t salve your “condition.” You are human. I am human. Make the best of it: Fasten your seat belt and settle in for the ride of a lifetime.

© TW HAWK 2017