Like the enormous sea turtle I encountered on a Maui beach — 300 pounds at least! — who is at home in its shell wherever it happens to venture, home is wherever you are, being at peace in your skin, being content wherever you find yourself. Even if that means feeling like a foreigner for a spell.

Because feeling at home is embracing and accepting however you are at the moment. Whatever is real for you right now. Accepting however you are in a true state of present awareness in your body is your ultimate connection to home.

Sometimes one’s own home town can feel like foreign territory when returning from a new place, a new situation, a new environment. Coming “home” from some faraway corner of the globe or rarefied experience can make your home town feel foreign. Remind yourself that feeling foreign in your home town means you had been feeling at home in a foreign town!

Human beings are highly adaptable. Feeling foreign is a temporary state before we find our place, connect with our tribe and settle into the comfort of our own being. Not feeling at home means you did feel at home somewhere. Find home again by reminding yourself that, like the turtle, you carry home with you wherever you go and its somewhere you can be wherever you are.