Are you hurtling in the direction your head is telling you or are you ambling the path your heart has set you on?

As a human race, we’re always “headed” somewhere. And typically in a rush to get there. (It is the human race, after all, and not the human meander.) But perhaps we should be “hearted” along a more scenic route, planning for play in our perambulation. And if we tuned into where are our hearts led us, we might be more lovingly-inclined.

What if it were as simple as changing the nomenclature—the language we use to engage each other—to prompt a shift from a head space to a heart space? Let’s experiment. If someone is on their way out the door, ask them “Where are you hearted?” instead of “Where are you headed?” See if it makes a difference in their countenance or gives them pause. Maybe they’ll even put a hand on their chest to contemplate for a moment — “Where am I hearted?” And that moment’s reflection might be enough to alter their course or to reaffirm their intended direction.

How would you react if someone asked you where you were hearted? Would you be able to take a moment from where you were headed to discern your heart’s trajectory? To heed its whispered bearings over the barking insistence of your head’s direction?

Typically, our course is set, our destination top-of-mind with some meeting or appointment at which to arrive, some task to accomplish, some item to cross of our list that requires heading out the door, heading into traffic, heading elsewhere to accomplish something. Our brow furrows in anticipation of getting there, getting it done, getting it off our plates, getting it behind us in order to get on to the next…

This conditioned existence is heady stuff, which means we lead our lives from the neck up—instead of the heart out. We permanently reside in our headspace. So how can we step from within this domed dwelling into the open field of heartspace?

With a single thought.

“Where am I hearted?” brings the energy of consciousness into the chest, the ribs, the lungs, the region where we breathe in the ethers of life, where we oxygenate our beings, where we derive inspiration—literally. That’s why leading from the residence of the heart is an inspired place from which to venture forth: it’s where our deepest desires, our purest intentions—where life!—take seed.

To ponder “Where am I hearted?” coerces the mind to discern how we really feel about the tasks we’re rushing out to do, the obligations we’re headed to fulfill and the intent we’re holding about our destination. Our life’s sum total of destinations is our destiny, which is why the heart holds our fate in its rhythmic beatings. And why we’re destined to discover where we are hearted whether we ask this simple question at the beginning, at the end, or all throughout our lives.

So the next time you step out the door “headed” somewhere, take a moment to ask yourself, “Where am I hearted?” The heart is a feeling instrument so play it as intended, feeling what answer drums up within you. Confirm whether your heart hungers to stay on the intended course or if it hankers for a detour, an unplanned side-trip, an unexpected adventure or if it just craves to sit still.

“Where are you hearted?” will bring you closer to your true heart’s desire no matter where you are headed. And there’s no need to hurry—or worry. You’re destined to get there.